Loving WV

Owner - Designer - Marketer

Loving WV Get in touch with your West Virginia roots.

Loving WV is the mesh of a few of my favorite things - Design, Marketing, and West Virginia. Loving WV started as a passion project and has grown into something much larger. While searching online for some West Virginia themed shirt I found myself with limited options. It was either wearing something that was WVU related, or being forced to wear some poorly designed shirt from a sketchy 3rd party site. Since late 2015 Loving WV has been offering West Virginians with unique, one of a kind t-shirts, decals, mugs, and glassware. In late 2015 I launched the Loving WV brand with a Facebook post and design I created inspired by one of my favorite illustrators Aaron Draplin. This post was shared over 100 times, received over 30,000 unique impressions, and jump started the brand. We now are operating a small online store LovingWV.com and wholesale our items to roughly a dozen stores across the state.

This has been a very rewarding experience and has left me with the confidence that if you put design and passion to the forefront of everything you do your brand will be successful. This projects highlights my ability to test ideas, market those idea across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sell products. As this brand continues to grow I will continue to grow with it.