Evan Chapman

UX/UI Designer

About Me

Hello, I am Evan Chapman. I live, work, and design in the DC Metro area. I am a humble User Experience Designer here to help you and your company get noticed. In today’s marketplace people get bombarded with information every second of everyday and first impressions mean everything. Each interaction that your customer has with your product, and website reflect on your brand. I can help you and your company break through the clutter with unique ideas, executed with professional designs. My professional background in user experience design and front-end web development, and my background in marketing make me a perfect fit for any project.

While designing is my passion I do have a life in the real world. What am I like in the real world? I am a traveler who loves to experience new cultures, I am a mountain biker who loves to be in nature, and I am a studious curious individual who wants to learn.

Introducing CQ+

With several months of research and interviews with our core users, we found that CQ.com was not just an informative news site, but a site that helpped legislative influencers do there jobs. We found that a large percentage of our users were gathering information from our site then copying and pasting that information into Word to generate reports and presentations. CQ Plus’ goal was to eliminate that manual work, and create a seamless way for user to marry their content with power of CQ’s data. View Case Study

Loving WV

While searching online for some West Virginia themed shirt I found myself with limited options. It was either wearing something that was WVU related, or being forced to wear some poorly designed shirt from a sketchy 3rd party site. In Late 2015 I started Loving WV. We offer West Virginians with unique, one of a kind t-shirts, decals, mugs, and glassware. View Case Study

I Specialize In.

Rapid Wireframing

Whether it is black and white digital mockups, pencil sketches, paper prototypes, or whiteboard doodles. Visuals can help conceptualize an idea and are inexpensive, and quick ways to decide if ideas are worth pursuing further.


The best way to conceptualize and idea is to prototype it. I find this part of the process to be one of the most exciting. After all the ideas are thrown out there and some loose guidelines are set it is now time to see what it might look like.


Let's get down to brass tax, it takes a team to build a successful product and I am not a afraid to get my hands dirty and start coding. Whether it is HTML, CSS, or Javascript I have it covered. It is amazing what some curly brackets and 1’s and 0’s can do.

Building & Shipping Products

Over the past several years I have been a part of various projects where we come up with an idea, test a market, build a product, and sell that product. I have the patience, know how, creativity, and dedication to make it a success.


Building a great product is one thing, but knowing how to market that product can be the determining factor of its success. My skillsets as a UX designer and master’s degree in marketing put me in a unique position of understanding the product as a whole

Improving UX

User experience is an essential part of the service/product nowadays. A poor user interaction with a site can have rippling effects of the overall product. I am here to eliminate those problem areas and make everything just a little bit better.